Here at Hope Acupuncture & Wellness, we specialize in medicine based on the Millennials of experiential research by the Chinese. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) seeks to treat the root of the disease, in addition to its symptoms or outward manifestations, by balancing Yin (阴) with Yang (阳) and strengthening the essence of specific organ systems. Doing so often reduces recurrences of the symptom while mitigating its severity. Treating the root cause, in most of our cases, has successfully prevented the symptom from recurring. TCM has been advocated as a safe form of alternative therapy for hard-to-treat conditions or conditions with severe side effects if treated by western medicine standard. Research into the mechanism behind acupuncture especially has been increasing in recent years. Studies published in highly respected journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine and Nature, among others, have shown that acupuncture is associated with significant changes in activity in specific parts of the brain and in adenosine receptor expression to reduce pain perception. Furthermore, many of our patients have reported objective improvement based on normalization of blood lab values requested by Western doctors. Patients treated with TCM typically report minimum adverse reactions than when treated by Western medicine standards, thus making TCM ideal for chronic conditions that may lead to  many intolerable medication-induced side effects. In fact, TCM often may alleviate these  side effects.   The World Health Organization has published an extensive list of health conditions that acupuncture can benefit, as well as research reports and clinical trials that have tested the safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action of acupuncture.